SmartyAtTheParty: Stylist to the Stars Shines Light on Success

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B. Akerlund, Smashbox Studios West Hollywood

She walked in with the presence of Madonna, the style of Lady Gaga (can’t you tell by the outfit?) and the sweetness of Britney Spears.

Yes, B. Akerlund has styled all three mega stars!  She  most recently captured the eyes of 112 million Superbowl viewers for Madonna’s half time show with  MIA and Nicki Minaj. Seriously… that job almost killed her ( she lost 15 pounds working non-stop for 3 months to prepare).  Maybe the Paparazzi should be stalking her-no wait that was the Lady Gaga video she styled.

You can tell by her outfit,  she’s a one of a kind.  Well here’s your exclusive insight, in her own words, on how she’s made it, what changed her whole life and her best advice.  She freely gave her time to help out aspiring stylists at The School of Style in Los Angeles.  It’s part of her number #1 rule… BE NICE! To everyone, all the time.

B.Akerlund: “ I wake up every morning, who am I today?” she asks herself. The answer is revealed in how she dresses.  Today’s look was put together by her toddler girls. She’s never worn the boots and the whole outfit is vintage. She wears a lot of black… but not today.

She is a self-proclaimed lover of accessories and admits that prêt-a-porter is not her forte, “ I’m a custom girl”.  As if THAT isn’t obvious. As a testament to her obsession with clothes she says,  “ I wore 365 different outfits in a year…as a hobby!”

Personal life: What’s perhaps most inspiring is her marriage to rocker Jonas Akerlund and her proudest accomplishment, their 3 1/2 year-old twin girls.

“ I became a mom and I have to restructure my life”. She admits to tempering her hours so that she can spend more time with her kids. It’s not what she has to do, it’s what she wants to do.  “ I  became a better stylist after being a wife and a mom”.  It’s a role she wears well.

Best Advice:

#1. “You can never stop wanting or dreaming”.  She’s now set her sights on winning an Academy Award. No wonder her Idol is costume designer Colleen Atwood ( who frequently works with director Tim Burton).

#2. “Hone in on what you’re good at”, she says. She means it… she doesn’t dress stars for the red carpet.  It’s not her thing and she doesn’t waste time taking on such projects unless a star really wants to “have fun” with their look.

#3. “Compose your stress”. That can be a toughy. She admits that while  working on +500 outfits for Madonna’s Superbowl show, she developed strange rashes and and had to “juice” her way through the project to keep nutrients in her body.

#4. And in case you’ve forgotten her number one rule: BE NICE.“You have to be nice to everyone. I base my career on being nice to people”, says Akerlund. She further elaborates encouraging young stylists and assistants to “grab someone a sweater if you see they’re cold”.

Now THAT  leaves a warm place in my heart for this work of art.