SmartyAtTheParty: Beverly Hills Beauty Bandit

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Here’s my latest “Smarty At The Party” post. All my “party” posts are a fun way to smarten you up from the serious stuff to the fabulous fluff.

This was a tough assignment…infiltrate a variety of Beverly Hills based beauty centers and pick the brains of the estheticians on what they ACTUALLY use. (Surprise… it’s not always the lines they carry ).

I’m can clearly see what they SELL in the office, but what do they secretly RAVE about?

It sounds like an oxymoron “Beverly Hills” and “budget”, but I found a few suggestions that actually fit both. Of course many of these places use the popular “prescription-only” lines seen in these shi-shi salons, and several include a product line developed by the doctor’s themselves.

Budget Buys:

Avon Advanced Retexturizing peel $25 (Seriously). This esthetician who did my microdermabrasion, raved about these. She preferred these to many of the salicylic and/or glycolic pads that a lot of offices carry. Then upon a little research I found.. it’s a winner of the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award for Best Peel!

CSI Multipeptide anti-wrinkle serum $22 ( she compared it to using Skinceuticals CE Feurilic serum). Not the same ingredients but she liked it as a replacement.  This former emergency room RN and now esthetician was 57 years old and looked amazing.

Source Naturals Skin Eternal Cream- $25-$40 It’s for sensitive skin and paraben free. This was my 57-year-old beauty expert’s  go-to moisturizer.

Major Players:

HydroQ (doctor’s office only). $60  It’s a 4% Hydroquinone gel that’s so easy to wear you forget it’s actually lightening up those sunspots. I must confess, this even worked on my slight melasma ( the nasty brown splotches I got from hormone outrage and sun). Amazing stuff! ( I even tried the prescription Tri-Luma and this is so much better).

Retin-A ( Big range in price) This is no surprise, but the key is using the .05% strength and not the 1%, for  best results. These come in a variety of combinations, but almost EVERY SINGLE expert used this at least a couple of times a week, if not daily.

My Favorite piece of advice:

“You don’t need to spend a lot on moisturizers”.  She told me to spend on powerful products like Retin-A and a Vitamin C/E serum, and use a drug store moisturizer to lock in my products.

Here’s my Party Favor Takeaway:

Do what the experts do… not what they say or sell in the store. Always ask… what do you like to use? Spend on the good stuff and go cheaper on some of the other recommended “add” on beauty products.