PoliticsandCelebs: Dwayne “The Rock” headed to the policial ring?

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Politics may be in for a full body slam-Hollywood style- if Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson gets his way.  The former WWE wrester and actor has big dreams of entering the political ring at some point in the future.

During a recent interview with Moviefone, Johnson said he plans to aim high… think 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “Right now the best way that I can impact the world is through entertainment. One day, and that day will come, I can impact the world through politics,” Johnson — whose latest film, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” opens Friday — tells the site. “The great news is that I am American, therefore I can become President.”

He’s not the only former wrestler to get such an idea. Jesse Ventura served as the governor of Minnesota. And of course, he’s already played President Barack Obama on “Saturday Night Live” and apparently had president-like connections when he found out about Osama Bin Laden’s death before it went public.

So whose team is he on? “The Rock” appears to be a Republican showing his support at the 2004 Republican convention. Although he did attend both party’s national conventions back in 2000.

Good news for Johnson, even if he doesn’t become President, he’s already  G.I. Joe!