PoliticsandCelebs: Oscar Contenders and Republican Candidates

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It’s show time for the Republican presidential candidates right now.  And boy is it entertaining.  Now that the Academy Award nominations are out and the Florida primary is quickly approaching, here’s a quick little overview of the players… in Hollywood terms.

Simply put- there are 4 guys who want to be George Clooney and they’re all in the race to win the nomination Oscar.


Mitt Romney

Brad Pitt

Mitt Romney is kind of like Brad Pitt. He’s been leading the pack with his   movie star good looks and swagger. He’s proven star quality as a former Massachusetts Governor.   But does the air of “seemingly having it all” just too much for voters?  Does Romney come across as entitled to this nomination?


Newt Gingrich

Christopher Plummer






Newt Gingrich is a bit like Christopher Plummer. The guy has been around forever and now years after highest visibility job in the Sound of Music as Speaker of the House from 1995-1999, he’s shaking things up with a big win in South Carolina and posing a  challenge to Romney.


Ron Paul

Woody Allen






Ron Paul as Woody Allen-   I’m sure both Paul and Allen would hate this comparison given they’re on opposite political spectrums, but they seriously look like brothers.  You either love  Paul’s Allen’s work and think he’s the only one who gets it right… or you think the guy is totally off his rocker living in a land that’s just not realistic.


Rick Santorum

Jonah Hill






Rick Santorum is like Jonah Hill. He’s the young guy on the block who’s looking to move up in the world. He’s undergone quite a weight loss metamorphosis from former Senator of Pennslyvania into one of 4 remaining presidential contenders.  Let’s play ball!




The problem ( or the joy of it all depending on your politics), is that none of them are George Clooney. So here’s what Clooney can teach even Obama, about what Americans would like to see a little bit more of in this election.


#1. Take a stand – ( no wishy-washy- I’m talking to you here Mitt, or should I say Brad? ) Clooney is well-versed in the issues and takes a stand. He actually walks the walk with his charity work, not just talks the talk.


#2. He’s well-connected ( you gotta get the money and that’s how it works). Most of you get this by now.


#3. Even people who don’t agree with Clooney’s political take, still love the guy himself. Matt Damon still likes Clooney, which is more than you can say about Obama. Clooney never seems to alienate people even when he doesn’t seem to agree. ( Big lesson here guys as you continue with your debates)

#4. Clooney is human in his mistakes and that’s what’s so great. Despite Clooney’s ups and downs in his relationships, even a past divorce, he’s self-depricating. ( Newt maybe you can talk with Clooney about this one. Wife number 2 may finally shut-up about the “open marriage” claim if you bring Clooney into the mix. )


Politics and celebs are bedfellows and they all seem to be getting busy under the sheets these days.  Maybe the politicians will finally take a clue from the A-listers.