PoliticsandCelebs: Kelly Clarkson sales up after Ron Paul endorsement?

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Check out this article from USA Today. I love this kind of analysis instead of just the babbling commentators who tell celebs they should keep quiet about their political beliefs.


By Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY
By Evan Agostini, AP

So did Kelly Clarkson’s comments about Ron Paulhelp sales of her album Stronger? Given that her endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate came right on the end of the holiday sales season, it’s hard to tell.

On the one hand, weekly sales of Stronger fell 40% last week, from 41,000 to 25,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. But almost every album saw its sales drop last week, some by a smaller percentage than Kelly’s but most by a greater amount. And Kelly did make a nice jump on The Billboard 200, moving from No. 39 last week to No. 17 this week.

That makes Stronger the week’s best-selling album from an American Idol act, followed by Scotty McCreery’s Clear as Day, which saw its weekly sales drop 74%, enough to take Scotty out of the top 20. Also, her iTunes Session debuted at No. 85, selling 9,000 downloads.

So did an influx of Paul-loving buyers give Stronger and iTunes Session better weeks than they could have expected otherwise? Or did an unlikely coalition of Democrats and Rick Santorum supporters suddenly remove the albums from their shopping carts and instead use their iTunes gift cards on Michael Jackson’s Number Ones, which saw a 79% increase for the week?

Draw your own conclusions.