PoliticsandCelebs: Clooney and Matthew Modine…which one gave up HUGE movie for politics?

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(Courtsey: Rolling Stone Magazine)


George Clooney makes politics sexy.  (Ok…pretty much anything sexy,but politics definitely gets sexier when Clooney is involved).  Even though we know he’s a diehard Democrat, what’s even more impressive is his insight and passion into world politics. He graces the cover of  Rolling Stones this month where he says he can name “ 40 hotspots in the world right now. Not just physically violent hotspots, but financially as well.”  How many can you name? I’m game for a little clooney hotspot 101!

We’ve all heard the stories of actors passing on that one big movie role… well here’s one who passed because of politics!

Remember Matthew Modine? ( Gross Anatomy, Weeds, The Streamers)  He’ll be the new villan in the upcoming Batman movie  “Dark Knight Rises”.  He spoke to a class at Yale University this week and reminded the kids he turned down Tom Cruise’s role in Topgun because of the film’s cold war politics. Here’s what he’s said about that choice:

“As a kid, I was always taught the Russians were the bad guys, the Chinese would destroy the world… Then early in my career I was at the Berlin film festival and a guy took me to East Berlin. I saw a monument to Russian soldiers who died fighting Germany. The fact Russia was our ally in World War II was not part of my basic education. I met Russian soldiers and they were no different to my brothers who’d served in Vietnam. We shared cigarettes, they gave me pins from their uniforms. When I got home, the Top Gun script was waiting for me and I knew I just couldn’t perpetuate the lie.”

Looking back, I wonder if he sees red on that decision?