PoliticsandCelebs: Clint Eastwood’s Republican Dilemma

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Clint Eastwood has a new leading man he’s pretty passionate about, saying he loves “his” story.  Unfortunately right now there are lots of stories going around Clint’s guy- Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain.

As the ladies line up to accuse Cain of misconduct, Eastwood says Cain is a guy “who came from nowhere and did well, obviously against heavy odds. He’s a doer and a straight-talker, which I don’t see enough of from either party.”

Eastwood is a long time Republican, having never voted for a Democrat except once in the 80s.  But if he were casting a guy who looks like a President…that honor would go to ” Mitt Romney” , says Eastwood.

Hmm… who to support?The guy with the great story or great looks?  Tough call.