PoliticsandCelebs: Sean Penn Rallies in Libya and Egypt

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It could be the plot for a new political thriller. Picture it…a hot bed of revolutionary activity, a notorious leader on the run and hundreds of thousands in need. Cue music… in comes a multi-million dollar Oscar winner to the rescue.

For Sean Penn it’s a part he loves to play… without the pay! 

Why does a divorced man who has young starlets throwing themselves at him ( remember Scarlett Johansson) goes to Libya over Las Vegas or  Haiti over Hawaii is beyond me.  But he’s an actor who walks the walk behind all his liberal talk.  This week he walked, or more like marched, in the streets of Egypt and rallied behind the uprisers in Libya.

As a renowned human activist, he showed his support for the Libyan freedom fighters in person. It’s been a month since they overthrew the infamous dictator Muammar Gaadafi’s government. ( This is a guy who’s wanted for killing thousands of civilians massacre style). Penn stopped in the Libyan capital of Tripoli where he told reporters he admired the Libyan people for having “the courage to say, ‘We want freedom’”.

(Courtesy AP)

In Egypt he protested and buddied up with Egyptian movie star Khaled El Nabawy.  The power duo took to the streets to encourage a faster transition to democracy and reassure tourists it is once again safe to travel there following the revolution earlier this year that overthrew their President.

How much good did Sean Penn really do? It’s hard to tell. But one thing is for sure, media outlets worldwide pay attention when an A-list celeb turns up! From CBS News and Perezhilton.com to The Guardian, this guy gets coverage.