PoliticsandCelebs: Parties for the Party!

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It was a party in Tinseltown this week as celebs opened up their houses and wallets to support President Obama (the LAPD now have his trips down to a science). Among the stars; Will Smith, basketball great Magic Johnson and the pregnant Hillary Duff who all shelled out $38,500 a piece to have an intimate dinner and chat with the president at the home of mega producer James Lassiter and his wife.

Then he hopped across town to focus on the Latino vote.  When you’re the President of course you do that with a party at Antonio Banderas and wife Melanie Griffith’s house. Eva Longoria, a long time advocate of engaging Latino voters and an Obama campaign volunteer, joined George Lopez where they gave a little “amor por el Presidente”.

In the last 6 months these celeb-fueled fundraisers have brought in nearly $1 million dollars for Obama.  While the parties keep going, the one thing that’s changing is access for the press.  They were shunned from this last round of parties. Apparently Obama’s people think it doesn’t look too good to all the unemployed, struggling Americans out there.  But that didn’t stop him from ending his trip with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show”.  Because of course, that’s how every  public servant leaves Los Angeles.

So with so many celebs seeing blue… where’s all the red action? Here’s a quick little rundown of some Republican celebrity support as the primary contenders are fighting it out.

Vince Vaughn is stepping it up for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and he’s doing it the “old school” way with good old-fashion face time and personal loyalty. The actor introduced Paul at a libertarian conference in Nevada and offered up his support. Apparently the two go back at least two years when Paul supported Vaughn at his 2009 Couples Retreat premiere.


Oscar winner Russell Crowe  has also revealed a bit of a bromance with Texas Governor Rick Perry. While Crowe doesn’t think being a celebrity gives someone the right to “air your political views” he did say, “I like [Perry] very much as a bloke”. Too bad the Aussie can’t vote.

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford appeared in a demonstration video for Mitt Romney to show people how to use ComMitt, a fundraising software. A very public form of support, the problem is Crawford supported Obama in ’08.  But it’s not only presidential candidates who know how to spin a story. Her rep said “she’s friendly with Romney’s son…but didn’t specify whether she would back a Romney bid”.

Stay tuned for the blues and the reds. It’s going to be a royally purple mess as we get closer to November 2012!