PoliticsandCelebs: Michelle Obama Stuns With South Korean President

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Courtesy: Reuters

What’s more stunning… the new free trade agreement with South Korea or the First Lady’s purple one-shoulder gown she wore to commemorate the big occasion?

President Obama and wife Michelle posed for pictures with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his wife before a state dinner at the White House on Thursday night.  ( I’m loving the contrast here between the skin-baring American who looks like she could be at the Academy Awards and the fully clad Asian dignitary).  

Earlier in the day, Congress not only passed free trade agreements with Asia’s fourth largest economy but also opened up Columbia and Panama.  It’s a big score for Obama’s administration who believes these new opportunities will help create jobs here at home. 

It looks to me like the Obamas dressed for a celebration. Do I hear a cheers or a cha-ching?