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Jessica Alba picks out an early birthday present

jessica-alba-dara-ettinger-earrings jessica-alba-dara-ettinger-earrings-2

Just before her 28th birthday, Jessica Alba discovers Dara Ettinger’s jewelry. Alba loved these lava stone earrings she’s holding and a druzy ring bottom-dipped in 24K gold. Here’s what she said about her new finds:

“These rings are so bad! They’re perfect for my birthday. I love my lava stone earrings…I can’t wait to wear them”.

All the rings are one-of-a kind, but if you’d like to get a similar look check out www.daraettinger.com. She even gave me a coupon code to pass along so you can save, use SARAHZ for 20% off!

Have fun! Drop me an email and let me know what you think.

Can I really say winning is overrated when I once again walked away empty-handed from this year’s New England Emmy awards? It’s the eighth time, I should be used to it by now. But really is anybody shedding a tear? NO not even me, I didn’t even make it to the actual awards ceremony.
In fact, losing isn’t always bad. Here are a few names, do you recognize them?

Fantasia Barrino…winner of American Idol season 3

Kristen Dalton… winner of Miss USA 2009

Britta Stephan … Olympic gold medalist in the women’s 50 freestyle in Beijing, China.

Okay, what about this list of names?

Jennifer Hudson … 6th runner-up American Idol season 3

Carrie Prejean…runner-up Miss USA 2009

Dana Torres…silver medalist women’s 50 freestyle in Beijing, China. (Oh, in case you forgot, Torres lost by 1/100th of a second!)

The first list…the WINNERS. The second list…the LOSERS?

Jennifer Hudson went on to win an academy award. Fantasia played herself in a Lifetime movie.

Carrie Prejean has agents, offers and more publicity than the reigning Miss USA Kristen Dalton could even dream, even though Prejean came under a firestorm of scrutiny for answering a question about same-sex marriage that ultimately cost her the crown. Prejean made lemonade out of those lemons.

Dana Torres, okay… who even knows Britta Stephan? (except maybe her faithful German followers). Dana has brought in thousands in endorsements, with her killer looks and ability. I guess silver is the new gold.

Forget the big moment of winning…it’s where you go after the lights have dimmed.

On the Red Carpet at the Beverly Hills Film Festival

The famous 90210 zip code was the land of opportunity for aspiring independent films. It’s a unique film festival showcasing non-studio films to the entertainment industry.
Take a look at our red carpet fun!

The two big winners of the night included:

Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas starring Antonio Sabato Jr. He plays a serial killer and the movie was the festivals biggest hit earning the most awards.

Italian film Tre lire, Primo Giorno won best foreign film and the night’s highly coveted Golden Palm Award.

On a personal note, I hope Salud gets a little love. A couple of young guys from Brooklyn, New York poured their hearts and soul into that movie.

School of Style

Here’s your front row seat on how to be a celebrity stylist. I headed to the famous Smashbox studios in Hollywood, CA where I met Luke Storey, stylist to the stars.

Watch as I take you through celebrity styling 101:

To find out more check out www.theschoolofstyle.com.

Ringing in a good deal!

Check hot new jewelry designer Dara Ettinger! The celebs are rockiní Daraís cool geode rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Check out Paula Abdul lovin’ her druzy ring. She actually wore Dara’s rings on American Idol in February and Larry King in May!


Each ring is a one-of-a-kind. Even young Hollywood is lovin’ the rings. Check out 90210′s Anna Lynne McCord wearing a ring.


Dara was even asked to bring her rings to a hot Hollywood party thrown by Paris Hilton.

Because we don’t all have the money the celebs do… here’s 20% off any piece of jewelry on Dara’s website. Go to www.daraettinger.com and use the coupon code SARAHZ.

Yes, it’s a little gift I worked out so you can feel fabulous!